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Heterogeneous catalysts such as zeolites, metal oxides and heterpoly acids are important in the catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and isomerization reactions in the petrochemical industry and their widespread application is mainly attributed to their acid-base catalyzed activity. In order to better understand the catalytic reaction process, the fundamental issues lie in characterization the detailed active center as well as elucidation of the catalysis reaction mechanism. The main objective of our research is to solve scientific problems involving the acid-catalyzed zeolites in the petrochemical industry.


The detailed research interests include:


(1)    Reaction mechanism elucidation from in-situ NMR


(2)    Development of solid state NMR methodolody


(3)    Morphology and active sites characterization of solid acid catalysts from ssNMR


(4)    Structure and dynamics study of advanced functional materials


(5)    Zeolites synthesize and crystallization mechanism study


(6)    Solid state NMR studies of photocatalytic reaction


(7)    Catalysis process study based on DFT calculation



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