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π‐Interactions between Cyclic Carbocations and Aromatics Cause Zeolite Deactivation in Methanol‐to‐Hydrocarbon Conversion

 Date:2020/6/15 9:44:04 Views:Times

The understanding of catalyst deactivation represents one of the major challenges for the methanoltohydrocarbon (MTH) reaction over acidic zeolites. Here we report the critical role of intermolecular πinteractions in catalyst deactivation in the MTH reaction on zeolites HSSZ13 and HZSM5. πinteractioninduced spatial proximities between cyclopentenyl cations and aromatics in the confined channels and/or cages of zeolites are revealed by twodimensional solidstate NMR spectroscopy. The formation of naphtalene as a precursor to coke species is favored due to the reaction of aromatics with the nearby cyclopentenyl cations and correlates with both acid density and zeolite topology.




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