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Advanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy and its applications in zeolite chemistry

 Date:2023/12/8 9:14:35 Views:Times


Solid-state NMR spectroscopy (ssNMR) can provide details about the structure, host–guest/guest–guest interactions and dynamic behavior of materials at atomic length scales. A crucial use of ssNMR is for the characterization of zeolite catalysts that are extensively employed in industrial catalytic processes. This review aims to spotlight the recent advancements in ssNMR spectroscopy and its application to zeolite chemistry. We first review the current ssNMR methods and techniques that are relevant to characterize zeolite catalysts, including advanced multinuclear and multidimensional experiments, in situ NMR techniques and hyperpolarization methods. Of these, the methodology development on half-integer quadrupolar nuclei is emphasized, which represent about two-thirds of stable NMR-active nuclei and are widely present in catalytic materials. Subsequently, we introduce the recent progress in understanding zeolite chemistry with the aid of these ssNMR methods and techniques, with a specific focus on the investigation of zeolite framework structures, zeolite crystallization mechanisms, surface active/acidic sites, host–guest/guest–guest interactions, and catalytic reaction mechanisms.


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